Dear Friends and Family,

Today I am announcing the launch of my new company that I co-founded with my colleague, Terri Aguirre. We are proud to announce that we have launched a multi-platform company that’s mission is to teach real and practical methods to individuals who want to create successful businesses. Muddy Mega@bytes will value honesty, integrity, fun, and community. Our vision is to be a recognized leader in education for the administrative professional industry.

We have produced our flagship course called Meg@ VA Masterclass. An online self-study program that will teach the skills needed to do to work as a virtual assistant. We will also be offering coaching programs and have big plans to expand our platform to cover specialized administrative skills trainings.

What is a Virtual Assistant you may ask? A virtual assistant Is a person who provides support services to other businesses from a remote location. Virtual assistants (VAs) are especially in demand by entrepreneurs and businesses that need help but don’t want to bring on staff in their location or looking for a person like Terri and myself that specialize in certain business processes.

We decided late last year it was time to turn our skills and experience into a learning platform for other people (especially moms) to learn these skills that can improve their lives by getting a better job, a way to earn extra income or to open their own business. For myself, the passion was to teach other moms how you can make an income and be a work from home mom. At our company meetings we often quote my grandma, Nonna Vaccaro, “you had them, you raise them”. It is time for women not to have to choose between a career and being a mom.

Muddy Meg@bytes was formed on January 1, 2018. Everything you see on our website, masterclass platform, social media, and all the behind the scenes processes were created by myself & Terri. No website designers, no developers, no graphic designers.  If we knew how to do it, we did it ourselves. If we did not know how to do it, we learned it. If we broke links and web pages along the way, we fixed it. This launch is truly a completion of all of our year’s experience and our “Be Awesome” motto!

It is by no coincidence that we decided to launch on May 12. Today would have been my Uncle Sal’s 74th birthday. For all of you that know me, you know how special he was to me. Today is a celebration of milestones and of how dreams are only goals with a due date. Happy Birthday, Uncle Sal, I know you are proud.

Please support our endeavors by showing some love. Here are 9 ways you can support us today, right now!.

  1. Take a Course
  2. Sign Up for Business Coaching
  3. Visit our Website
  4. Follow Us on Social Media.
  5. Sign up for our “Be Awesome Blog
  6. Sign up to be notified when we launch our Podcast. Yes, we are going live with our own show!
  7. Get a copy of our free report “Top 5 Skills You Need as a New Virtual Assistant”
  8. Get a copy of our free report “How to Make Cash in Your Pajamas”
  9. Lastly, spread the word. Share this your friends and family.

Be Awesome,

“Muddy” Vaccaro

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