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Mission Statement & Core Values

Muddy Meg@bytes, Inc. exists to teach real and practical methods to individuals who want to create successful businesses. Muddy Mega@bytes value honesty, integrity, fun, and community. Our vision is to be a recognized leader in education for the administrative professional industry.

What is a Meg@byte?

meg·a·byte: a noun; a unit of information equal to loosely, one million bytes.  One megabyte = 8,000,000 million bits. Neuroscientists estimate that the human brain processes about 11 million pieces of information in a second.

Years ago, our co-founder, Muddy, conceptualized that if you could transfer a megabyte of information into your brain on a specific subject that you could become an SME (subject matter expert).

How We Got Here!

Muddy Meg@bytes was formed on January 1, 2018. Everything you see on this website and our masterclass platform was created by Muddy & Terri. No website designers, no developers, no graphic designers.  If we knew how to do it, we did it ourselves. If we did not know how to do it, we learned it. If we broke links and web pages along the way, we fixed it. This launch is truly a completion of all of our year’s experience and our “Be Awesome” motto!











Why Choose Us?

What Our Students Say…

I am so grateful to be graced with the knowledge, guidance, and patience of Muddy & Terri. My sessions were laser-focused and the class was amazing! Carrine A.

Meg@ VA Masterclass Student Coaching Client

Highly recommend to anyone who wants to get serious about their business. Don’t learn by trial and error, get expert advice from the start! Angela C.

Meg@ VA Masterclass Student Coaching Client

Muddy and Terri really know their stuff! If you are looking for a course that explains the basics on how to be a VA, this is the course for you to take! Amy R.

Meg@ VA Masterclass Student Coaching Client

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